Make a Difference, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that offers social, economic, and educational resources. Improving the quality of life for individuals, by providing hope and help to those in need.

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Livelihood Assistance to Street Families

Thousands of families live on the streets of Manila, Philippines. Some have pushcarts where they store their meager belongings, while others just have the clothes on their back. Reach Kids volunteer Angela Martinez, in her years of charity work in the city, found that...

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Community Assistance in Manila

The community of Baseco in Manila, Philippines is one of the most depressed in the city. Residents live in makeshift houses, and children run around barefoot and dirty, the trash of the city as their playground. Make a Difference, through Larry Guilford, has adopted...

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Providing Livelihood to a Coastal Community

In one small, coastal community in Ternate, Cavite in the Philippines, Larry Guilford saw a chance to make a difference. The people have access to a rich resource--an ocean teeming with marine life that can sustain their families. Unfortunately, none of them had a...

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